No-Contract Cell Phones Increases In Popularity For Wireless Carriers

Cell phones have become a necessity and most of us use the latest Smartphone’s to stay atop various social media. Everyone loves to have the latest Smartphone available in the market, but the question to be asked is whether to go on a contract or with a prepaid plan? Most of the service providers help you by subsidizing the cost of the Smartphone, thereby locking your phone into their service for two years. Contract plans are good if you wish to have the latest cell phone without paying the entire bill up front. Here, the fact to be noted is that after the completion of the contract period, how much will you end up paying for the cost of the phone and its services?


Now that the trend has shifted to ‘No-contract’ cell phones, and most of the service providers have adopted this policy. They started understanding the power of giving the customers their freedom and choice. According to reports from the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI), the mobile phone industry is improving and 72 (out of 100 point scale) customers are satisfied with the No-contract plans provided.

In the beginning, service provider giants like AT&T, Verizon and T-mobile hesitated in providing such plans. Smaller carriers like Tracfone, MetroPCS and Cricket started recognizing the customer’s need and introduced the ‘No-contract’ plan. This brought in a huge drift in the customer satisfaction ratio, which laid no other alternative to the service provider giants rather than adopting ‘No-contract’ plans.

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Now, the rising competition among different carriers has even been tighter that they started offering attractive plans to grab more customers. Overall, the ‘No-contract’ mobile phone plan is on the growth track in the USA and is much larger in other countries. Take your time and think what matters to you the most. Is it the two-year contract or the No-contract plan?

By G+ Author: Dennis Tablott.

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