Could Your Next Tinder Match Be With A Celebrity?

Not only “unknown” people are trying to find their perfect match on Tinder, even celebrities are! Hey, no one wants to be lonely and since Tinder is the hottest online dating app out there right now, celebs see it as the opportunity to find someone to fill that empty whole.

But the thing is, celebrities have been using Tinder for a while but everyone just assumes their profiles are fake. I mean, if Miley Cyrus or Ryan Gosling would “like” you on Tinder, how would you react??


Just like the verification system that’s being used on Twitter and Facebook, Tinder is going to integrate one so celebrities can verify their accounts and we can actually boost our self esteems if a celeb would ever swipe us right on Tinder (your life would be officially complete)! An issue that celebrities experienced when using Tinder, is that their Facebook accounts have to be linked to the Tinder ones, but they often use fake names to create their Facebook accounts.

Now, with the new verification system, the celebrity can change his/her Tinder name linked to the Facebook account to use Tinder under their real names as we know it, while still keeping their anonymity on Facebook. Time to weed out those silly fake celebrity accounts!



The Twitter-like verification system for Tinder is not yet integrated and it’s not sure when it will be, but this would definitely mean a whole new playing field for Tinder – a fun experience for celebrities and would once again confirm Tinder’s tremendous success.

Some celebrities have spoken up about using Tinder, such as Lindsay Lohan and Josh Groban, as well as the recent Tinder popularity at the Sochi Winter Olympic games amongst athletes!

Are you on Tinder?

What would you do if a celebrity “likes” you on Tinder?

Who do you think would be the celebs to use it?


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