Cubi: Star-Trek inspired Device for families

Great technology brings fantastic toys. A recent Kickstarter Campaign introduced Cubi, a Star-Trek inspired watch for children aged 3-10 years old. Recognizing that children do not need phones with a range of distracting or often unneeded features, Cubi acts as an alternative communication option for families. The watch acts as a robotic companion to serve communication functions both children and caregivers will love.


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Voice Messages

Rather than traditional phone-calling capabilities, Cubi allows parents and children to send voice messages (think a text message but read out loud in the sender’s voice). These messages can be heard either immediately or after a delay. Kids are also encourage to play with the voice-changing effects, which makes the device have a more futuristic and entertaining feel.

safetySafety Features

GPS technology allows parents to monitor their children’s location at a distance. Caregivers can opt to receive alerts when their child’s Cubi arrives and leaves a location. In the case of an emergency,  children can also send emergency alerts to their parents when feeling threatened.


Contact List

With parental permission, children can also add their friends to their Cubi’s contact list. Cubi comes equipped with a NFC chip that allows each Cubi to find and locate other Cubis in the area. Thus, Cubi can be used between friends too.

The idea that a parent needs to communicate with a child but feels hesitant to buy a toddler/child a phone has been a popular theme for Kickstarter Campaigns. However, Cubi hopes that by focusing on a fun, but practical device and appealing to the wishes of sci-fi fans, they can find a unique audience of  backers.

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To contribute to Cubi’s fundraising website, visit their official Kickstarter page.

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