Dating App: 3nder

We all know the Tinder dating app right now, but what happens next? After you’ve found your ultimate Tinder crush (or not), 3nder is going to be waiting for you.. maybe! Yes, it may seem ridiculous but there are Apps for everyone. C’est la vie!


3nder is the new dating app where threesomes are made, easy and discreet. Want to find a third partner to experiment with (2+1) for a night or would you rather like to be the third (2+1) , mysterious person? Or would you prefer three people in total that have never met each other before (1+1+1)? It’s all possible with 3nder.


Screen Shot 2014-03-03 at 3.53.33 PM

Interested? Then keep on reading to learn how the app works.

To get started you have to request an invitation to be able to start 3nder as soon as it will be available on the Apple AppStore (it isn’t yet). It’s just basically to know what you are looking for… Just to make this process of finding what you’re looking for easier, you can share your desires on the mobile app to find matches. The best thing is that you’re only going to be seen by people who share mutual desires.


“We just help you to find each other. The rest is obvious.”¬†After 3nder has helped you find the right people, it’s all up to you!

3nder is a great app to let people express their sexual desires in a discreet way where no one is judged. The founders of this app hope that this, couple friendly, app will¬†“make society more open about sexual desires.”


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