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Daydream Controller: Why it’s a Game Changer!

The Daydream controller, a functional hand-held accessory that comes with Google’s Daydream View VR device, is a brilliant addition to the headset. Tech outlets have been singing Daydream’s praises since it’s mid-2016 release, but by far its biggest asset is the controller.

The Daydream’s controller is a wireless, oval-shaped remote with four buttons: a circle and a minus button on the flat top, a large trackpad above it, and on the side there is a volume button. The trackpad is all-directions responsive, so you can swipe in multiple directions to make user experience more realistic.

The Daydream controller also reports gyroscopic and accelerometer readings. So, for example, if you played action RPG games on Daydream, you are able to imitate the typical hand actions of the character, whether that be using wand, a sword or simply having an extra arm to use. The beauty is that the readings allow for tailored gameplay. The faster or slower you move the controller reflect on screen. These measurement tools mean that the controller can help make VR work better. When you point ahead and hold the circle button, the Daydream’s viewpoint will readjust to reflect where you’re facing, something that can be frustrating with other VR hardware.

Here’s a video tutorial on the Daydream controller:

If you’re one of the lucky ones who currently has their hands on a Daydream View, here are Google’s instructions on how to use the controller.

Erika Keegan

Erika Keegan

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