Diet app to look for: My Fitness Pal

By G+ Author: Jacquelyn Tanner.

It is official, the ultimate fitness and diet app has been decided upon. The winner by a 5k is MyFitnessPal. MyFitnessPal the “free calorie counter and diet tracker” starts by asking you basic things about yourself such


as weight, gender and job activity. Next you plug in your reasonable diet goals consisting of the amount of weight  you want to lose and by when. MyFitnessPal then tells you how many calories you are allotted per day.

Once you have set up the app you fill out your daily diary. Inserting your food intake is easy because MyFitnessPal has a bunch of ways to go about it including, a food database, a barcode scanner, or manual input. The same goes for your daily fitness. When you input food your allotted daily calories decreases while when you input exercise in increases.

Once your day is completed and you “Submit” your diary the app lets you know how you did and what your weight-loss future would look like if the rest of your days were like that day.

The app has some other things to offer but the basics of are not overly complicated. The app has a simple and quick user-face, entering your information is not daunting or annoying thus you are encouraged to keep up with your diary. MyFitnessPal’s website boasts user success stories and describes the app in detail.

diet-app-to-look-for-my-fitness-paldiet-app-to-look-for-my-fitness-palLizzie Fuhr of PopSugar gives her positive reviews of MyFitnessPal.. “Based on my profile, MyFitnessPal set a healthy time frame for me to do so and offered the number of calories I should strive to eat every day to hit the mark. Besides tracking calories, I like that MyFitnessPal looks at the larger picture and is more than just a straight calorie counter. Through charts and graphs, the app easily displays nutritional breakdowns, exercise habits, and weight-loss trends. All of this made it easy to see where I was overdoing it and where I needed to step up my game — whether that was exercising more or eating less sugar.”

The app is free and can be downloaded via the App Store and the Google Play Store.


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