Do Not Disturb Setting – Do You Use It? When? Only At Night Or Other Times?

Gone are the days when your phone would be disturbing you with all the unnecessary calls when all you need is to be left alone for some time.

Apple unveiled iOS 6 in June 2012 at its annual Worldwide Developers Conference, where a new feature called Do Not Disturb was one of the key functions highlighted. This feature allows you to control the settings on who can contact you and when.

Phone alertness control

Do Not Disturb allows you to decide periods of time in which you won’t be alerted of any phone calls, text messages, and app alerts–except for those from people whose list you can create to let them through. This way you can still get notified of any calls or alerts from work, your spouse, or family or anyone else you want to, but not be bothered by anything else. One more prominent feature that Apple added for emergency situations is you can allow repeated calls to come through. If the same number attempts to call you twice within 3 minutes, your iPhone will ring on the second attempt.

Uninterrupted sleep without phone calls

You can use this Do Not Disturb feature on your iPhone, for unbroken sleep (now you need not wake up at 3am to check some unwanted email or message), for being more attentive at meetings, watch your favorite team play a game and maybe once in a while for some quieter “me time”. Do Not Disturb will keep these intrusions at bay and offer you the privacy you want without being cut off from the world.

One crucial thing to remember is that when Do Not Disturb is turned on, the feature is effective only when your phone is locked or not in use- that the screen needs to be turned off. If you are using the phone or for some reason the screen gets turned on, the calls will be coming through.

By David Pate, G+ profile.

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