Don’t be Awkward: Questions About Meeting Someone Online

thanks-not-lying-online-flirting-ecard-someecardsLet’s face the facts. At times, dating is, and always will be, a little bit awkward. Whether you are a traditionalist who brings their significant other home to meet mom on the first date, or if you are stuck in a bit of a rut and find yourself frequenting the speed dating table, it’s not all champagne and rose petals, dating is hard work.

However, there is a third type of dating that I would like to discuss today. It has swept the nation over the past decade, it is certainly non traditional, and it could very well be the most awkward form of dating for friends and family to understand, we know it as online dating.

Meeting someone online creates countless, and most commonly awkward, questions in our minds. Is this safe? How well do they really know the person? Have they met the person face to face? We wonder.

What we fail to realize is that awkward questions asked about meeting someone online can damage a person’s self esteem and confidence in their new relationship. Support from family and friends can make all the difference.

So, let’s talk about positive questions to ask your family or friend about meeting someone online. Let’s ditch the awkwardness and bring out the smooth talker in you.  After all, the last thing you want to do is hurt the feelings of a friend or family member who has finally found “the one.”


meeting someone online


In this ever so modern world, something as complex as online dating can be even further narrowed down by personality, religion, and gender. If your friend has met someone online, why not ask him or her questions regarding the similarities in their online profiles?

Besides, wouldn’t you ask family or friends why he or she likes the person they are dating? Here are some danger-free suggestions to get the conversation going:


1.    What does he or she do for a living?
2.    What does he/she like to do for fun?
3.    Where is he/she from?
4.    Does he/she have a good sense of humor?
5.    Does he/she treat you well?
6.    What are his/her friends like?
7.    Have you met his/her parents?
8.    What was your first date like?
9.    Does he/she have pets? Does he/she like animals?
10.  Are you happy?


meeting someone online


Plain and simple, ten questions that do not even mention meeting someone online, with these questions you can keep it comfortable and avoid the topic of online dating all together.

According to Consumer Ranking, the top five online dating services for 2015 were:

1. Zoosk – Best for matchmaking
2. Match – Best for singles seeking the most matches
3. OurTime – Best for mature singles
4. eHarmony – Best for marriage minded singles
5. EliteSingles – Best for singles seeking compatible matches


meeting someone online


If you are someone who is looking into meeting someone online, good news! All of the above listed dating services are available through mobile applications in addition to full online websites, an increasingly popular use of online dating sites.

Now, for the nitty-gritty questions that do mention online dating:


1. Would you recommend the dating site that you use?
2. Is there anything that surprised you about meeting someone online?
3. Were you hesitant to sign up online?
4. When did you know online dating would be a good route to take?
5. Are you comfortable when someone asks you how you met your significant other?
6. Is online dating something you will try again if this relationship does not work out?
7. Does having the mobile app make meeting someone online easier?
8. Are you satisfied with your compatibility results?
9. Is there anything you do not like about talking on mobile/online?
10. Are you happy?


If you caught on, you will notice that both series of questions end in the same way. They end in the question, “are you happy?” Dating is something that makes us as people feel loved, wanted, and appreciated. Although talking about meeting someone online with a friend or family member can be a little outside of your area of expertise, that is okay.

Many people who do engage in mobile and online dating are happy to talk about their experience. For those who aren’t, don’t be awkward and don’t panic. Stick the to basic dating questions mentioned above.


Do you know someone who met someone online? Are you interested in meeting someone online through mobile or online dating? Share your story, comment below!


Also, check out our infographic about the growth of online and mobile dating in 2015!

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