Elroy is smarter than your average Bluetooth earbuds

Rob Honeycutt's USA-made 'Elroy' Customizable Bluetooth Earbud+ ...

Timbuk2s founder introduces Elroy smarter than your average Bluetooth earbuds

Tangled earbuds may pass as artwork in Portland(ia), but in real life, they’re nothing short of an irritating mess. Fortunately, that’s where Bluetooth alternatives come into play, and there’s a new set that combines style and intelligent functions. Meet Elroy, the brainchild of Timbuk2’s founder, Rob Honeycutt. Elroy took to Kickstarter this morning, and as a nice twist, the setup features magnetic docking mounts that hold your earbuds secure when they’re not in use. Better yet, Elroy allows you to answer calls or play music by removing the earbuds from the magnetic mounts. Likewise, you’ll be able to end calls or pause your music by attaching the earbuds to the Bluetooth unit. Speaking of Bluetooth, it’s based on the W32 audio module from Bluegiga, which supports pairing with up to seven devices. The Elroy includes a set of short earbuds, but if you’d prefer to use your own, there’s a 3.5mm jack for compatibility sake. Kickstarter backers can snag an Elroy — which is made in the US, by the way — for a donation of $79, which is scheduled to ship in August. If that’s a bit too rich for your blood, however, you can also snag a nice warm fuzzy feeling for $10.

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