Ever wondered how addicted you are to your iPhone? Use Moment.

Moment is designed to promote a healthier balance between our digital and real lives. It tracks how much you use your iPhone each day and even helps you create limits on your phone usage.

In truth, Moment just reminds you of how addicted to your phone you are. Its not an app that is meant to be used actively, instead the app’s creator, Kevin Holesh, says that its “designed to be invisible,”. Holesh says that he built the app for himself after he found himself spending most of his time in his digital life. It was becoming a serious problem and was affecting his “real” life relationships (his fiancee, in this case).

The overall goal of Moment is to create a balance between your digital and real lives. As a bonus feature, Moment can also track where you have been throughout the day. It runs in the background and logs how many minutes you have spend on your phone on a particular day.


The app follows the freemium model, where its free to use, but you have to pay to unlock some features. In this case, the extra feature is the ability to set daily limits through the app. Moment runs in the background and sends you a notification when you are close to your set limit.

For Holesh, the app has cut down the time he spends on his phone by almost 50%. He says he used to be on his phone for 75 minutes per day, but has now cut it down to 40 minutes and has a much healthier balance in is lives.

Moment is a free download on the app store. Try it out here!

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