Experiencing a Dwindling Eye Sight? Try GLASSESOFF App

Glassesoff has released a new app! This is a revolutionary iPhone app that will make it unnecessary to carry your reading glasses. There are hundreds of millions of people around the globe who experience problems with their vision during reading as a result of deteriorated eye visual due to aging.

If you are one of them or you anticipate such a challenge in the future, GlassesOff will do the magic for you. Precisely, you will know that you need your glasses if you experience the following problems: blurred vision when reading, feeling tired in the eyes, experiencing headaches and slow reading.

GlassesOff for your iPhone

Forget the hype being spread by overly vehement app vendors, here is the real deal: GlassesOff for your iPhone is a personalized product that monitors your reading performance and progress, and then constantly adjusts to accommodate your eyesight.

The app achieves this in two main ways: by providing you with game-like challenges that comprises of reading ability evaluation and intensive visual stimulation tasks and offering an ongoing care services to maintain your achievement over time.

At the end of GlassOff Pro-improvement Program, users are expected to have improved their reading experience without the aid of reading glasses. In other words, the app wants to get rid of your hilarious reading glasses and make you look like you have never won them in the first place.

The revolutionary app to avoid reading glasses

The app is designed to make reading smaller text in an easy and fun way. And it is not even a gamble because the technology has been given thumbs up by leading scientists. The real science behind it is the imaging and processing function of the brain.

GlassesOff says if you try their revolutionary app, you might just save 8 years of your eyes age and enable you to read without glasses once again, for at least 8 years more. The app is capable of adjusting the screen to your eye condition.

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