Facebook Tests Mobile Graph Search

The social-networking giant Facebook has scheduled to release a whole set of new applications for Smartphone in 2014. This clue well suits the room about news for Facebook Graph Search for mobile phones. It seems that Graph Search is soon going to become a significant part of that wholesale release. The product is a budding prospect to become a commanding mobile search invention. The mobile search is going to change its dimensions with this new possible app announcement.

“We haven’t released our mobile version of Graph Search till now, and we are a mobile corporation,” exclaimed Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, at the company’s fourth quarter earnings call earlier in February.

Now this statement confirms that we will see a Mobile Graph Search from Facebook out very soon. If you have seen the PC version of Graph Search, you’d know after clicking the search bar in the top-left corner of your screen. After tapping the search bar, drop-down menu occurs having numerous first-hand categories for searches, like people, pictures and posts. The trending topics on the web are also shown in some versions, just like Twitter.

Actually, the Graph search allows you to customize the way you want your searches to be. For example, you can articulate any of the specified searches like “Sagittarians of X years in Y city” or “English language speakers in Z region.” Thus, you can actually search people according to different aspects. It is anticipated that Graph Search, once implemented on mobile, will become a phenomenon with the way the world searches their acquaintances.

Seth Fiegerman, content contributor at Mashable, comments about this new Facebook rollout, “The actual probability for Graph Search on the phones, and somewhat that may increase its latency to produce revenue profits, is tapping into added instantaneous, locality-based quests or searches.”

How graph search works

He further adds, “Fancily, I searched for some cafeterias that my contacts may have visited nearby. Although Facebook didn’t offer prompts, it used GPS on my mobile phone to record my current location, and then matched the location by cross-checking it with the cafeterias that my friends had highlighted before.”

“Surprisingly, I got the results of the places that were more than miles away from my current location, given there were oodles of cafeterias around me. Maybe my contacts don’t eat that much, or more possibly that they haven’t updated every restaurant they go on Facebook,” said Fiegerman.

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The Desktop Graph Search was launched since a year now, and at this time there is a strong likelihood of Mobile Graph Search being rolled out very sooner than later. This may be more useful for searching, and may save a few seconds while searching. As of now, we can hope that it comes out very soon as many Facebook enthusiasts are waiting for that new feature.

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