Featured Mobile Game App: Lunar Flowers

Screen Shot 2015-12-18 at 11.43.13 AMOne of the prettiest iOS puzzle games we have played is Lunar Flowers! It describes itself as “an atmospheric puzzle game, which is delicate yet demanding”. The music and sound effects are so wonderful and calming! You play as a princess, maneuvering your way through stairways and passages by tapping and tracing your finger onto glowing flowers. Using key markings in the environment, you must find the patterns to connect the flowers and collect petals.

Ride a dragon, drift across the gentle sea, climb a stairway to the heavens — follow the fairies and experience a marvelous journey through a fantastic moonlit world. Help the princess complete challenges and explore a magical dream filled with mysteries and wonder.

The animations and environments are reminiscent of games such as Monument Valley, for iOS and Android, and Journey, for Playstation. It’s quiet and calming, but definitely tests your skills to read the environment and act quickly! Lunar Flowers definitely provides as a challenge!



– Deep dream world with multiple levels of increasing difficulty
– Variety of puzzle types, including brain teasers, single-swipe, and unique challenges
– Elaborate and distinctive music with an original score
– Unique art aesthetics evoke a sense of mystery and solitude


Download Lunar Flowers for free on the iOS store here.

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