Featured Tech Kickstarter: iCPooch

iCPooch — Internet Pet Treat Delivery & Video Chat

by Bondgy, Inc.

Kickstart has been the green light for many tech inventions. In 2012, a 12 year old girl presented an innovative idea in regards to pet owners and their pups. I think this is a great idea for pet lovers, as well as helping animals that have separation anxiety. This provides for an interesting training tool.

 Of course, in order to video chat, you must attach a tablet or smartphone. I’m sure most people do not have spare devices laying around. Of course, you can still deliver a treat with a press of a button from your own device. But I find the charm of this product to be in the video chat feature.

I’m curious to see if this takes off!


iCPooch is for pet owners who are at work, at school, traveling, out to dinner, running errands, or just away from home and miss their pet (and/or their pet misses them). With the iCPooch device connected to a home wireless internet router, you can deliver a treat from a smartphone, tablet, or computer no matter where you are. The device also has an adjustable mounting bracket so that you can attach a tablet or smartphone (not included) and video chat with your pet!

The tablet/smartphone operates independently of the iCPooch device, but you control both from the iCPooch Android app, IOS app, or web browser. As long as your smartphone/tablet has a microphone and a camera (most all do) and is connected to the internet, you can video chat with Fido at eye level, and with the press of a button deliver a treat. An estimated 13+ million dogs suffer from separation anxiety, and we know that pet owners do too!


Project Status

  • First manufactured parts produced and currently being evaluated
  • Finalizing app development
  • Retail package design complete
  • Our inventor Brooke Martin is selected as 1st Runner-up in the Discovery Education 3M Young Scientist Challenge for her iCPooch invention and video submission!

Project History

  • Brooke Martin pitches idea for iCpooch at Startup Weekend Spokane – September 2012
  • Early prototype development begins – November 2012
  • Utility patent filed – March 2013 Initial angel investment secured – May 2013
  • Custom software application development starts – June 2013
  • 3-D prototype of device produced – July 2013
  • App initiates first cookie drop – September 2013
  • Brooke Martin selected 1st Runner-up in the Discovery Education 3M Young Scientist Challenge! October 2013
  • Injection molding supplier chosen – November 2013
  • Functional video chat integrated into app – December 2013
  • First manufactured parts produced for review and fit – January 2013


Check out the preview for the project!

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