Featured Tech Kickstarter: Tangeez


Tangible Lights

by Emily Webster & Mustafa Bagdatli

Top Mobile Trends has decided to feature a fun gadget for our featured Tech Kickstarter! These portable, stacking lights are like.. well, Lego lights! You can build and rearrange how Tangeez are stacked and displayed. This is a fun set of technology for kids and adults alike. I wish I could build a huge display of them!

Tangeez were born out of the desire to make “interactivity” simple, beautiful, and tangible. Tangeez use the same RGB (red, green, blue) color system as the screens all around us, but these “physical pixels” create a tactile, interactive and often social experience.




Tangeez can create seven different colors depending on how their holes and prongs are combined.






Tangeez are 2.5” in diameter and 1.5” tall. They fit right in your hand and can go anywhere you go.




Earth Loving


Tangeez are recyclable. They’re made with the same plastic used in milk jugs.







Tangeez can be stacked in multiple configurations. They can get as tall or wide as you want.





Tangeez are made for hands-on use. From kids, to cars, to camping, to cars, Tangeez are ready to play?



Born in Brooklyn


Tangeez are born and raised in the Brooklyn, NY and manufactured in the USA.





Tangeez encourage creativity, fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination and problem solving from a young age. They’re also pretty cool to hang out with.



Tangeez are light-up building blocks that change color as you stack them. Create spectrums of color that change as you rearrange.

“Tangeez are wonderful building blocks of light. The magnetic click and the translucent colors are incredibly satisfying. They’re continually offering new combinations, and they’re impossible to put down. I want a whole wall of them.”  

-Tom Igoe,  Arduino Co-Founder


Tangeez brighten up any space and are as portable and mobile as you are.

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Each Tangee has three prongs on the top, three holes on the bottom, and one three-color LED inside.

Connect one prong and you’ll see one color, either red, green, or blue. Two prongs mixes two colors…three prongs, three colors.  One Tangee can’t work on its own. It needs another Tangee – or a base plate – to illuminate.

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Each Tangeez kit contains 2 different parts, shown in the picture above.  Your kit will include a combination of Light Modules and Base Plates that you can rearrange to your heart’s content.  The Light Modules are the Tangeez themselves, and the Base Plates are used to activate the bottom layer of your structure.

The more Tangeez you have, the more fun and colorful your sculpture will become.




Check out the Kickstarter for Tangeez!

By G+ Author: Jacquelyn Tanner.

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