Featured Technology Kickstarter: Spark Electron

There is no denying the fact that Kickstarter has been a blessing to most startups because it has helped in bringing life to the dreams of most founders and inventors of smart ideas. If we start listing the number of projects that have been successfully funded on Kickstarter and indeed other crowdfunding sites, the list is endless. The most interesting bit is that some founders have expressed disbelief in the amount of response they received from pledgers.

Kickstarter Crowdfunding platform

From all indications, technology related products have enjoyed massive support on the crowdfunding site, a true indication that technology is the future of business. This month, we wanted to focus on one of the technology project that has received massive support and we narrowed down to Spark Electron: Cellular dev kit with a simple data plan.

With 32 days to go, the project has already received $193,935 funding out of the $30,000 goal. This represents about 645% funding.

Spark Electron: Cellular dev kit with a simple data plan

So what does the Spark Electron do? According to the project description, the Electron is a tiny development kit that can be used to create cellular-connected electronics products and projects which comes with a SIM card as well as an affordable data plan for those who like to browse the internet. On top of that, the Electron comes with a cloud platform for managing and interacting with your newly connected hardware.

The product is aimed at breaking the entry barriers to the Cellular world and makes it easier for individuals to create cellular connected products. This will open a whole new world of opportunities to most people in the cellular industry. It is unbelievable the kind of technology that has gone in to develop this product. There is no doubt that this will be a huge success and most backers can’t wait to have the first product. Apart from Spark electron, there are several other projects that have experienced huge success at Kickstarter.

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