First Message Online Dating Ideas

Online dating has solved a lot of romantic issues. For one thing, you immediately know someone’s interest by their profile. But for another, it makes that first message even more important. Once you’ve matched, it’s up to the conversation to decide whether or not there will be a date. Yet, you can use that profile information to craft the perfect opening line. Keep in mind, you want to be yourself! But you also want to get that response back.

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Here are a few funny, sweet and confident first message online dating ideas – pick based on what you think the person wants to hear!


Funny Message Ideas

Who doesn’t like to laugh? Maybe their profile hints at their sense of humor. If so, run with it! This knowledge can be used to your advantage.

Make fun of online dating: Use a line that would sound completely normal at a bar, but absurd since you’re talking online. Try, “You come here often?”, “Funny seeing you here,” or “You caught my attention from across the room!” Or take another direction with sarcasm: “Phew! Now the hard part is over.”

Reference a movie: Do they list a favorite movie, actor, or quote a movie in his/her profile? Test their knowledge and let them finish your sentence with a famous movie quote or other type of reference. (And if you don’t know any off hand, just check  If all else fails, find his/her celebrity look alike.

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Love Story: Act like a romantic comedy narrator. “It was a timeless love story, but with a surprising twist. Boy meets girl. Boy messages girl. Boy says an incredibly witty, romantic one-liner. Girl is completely blown away. Finally, after gathering herself, she responds…” See if she gives a playful response.

Sweet Message Ideas

Skip the cheesy pick up lines. Go with something more interesting. 

Tell him/her you’re nervous: People like to laugh off awkwardness. “The first message always makes me nervous. Let’s talk about other irrational/big fears. Do you have any?” And if they don’t have any (doubtful), act impressed. “So I can take you on a date 50 feet in the air and you wouldn’t be nervous?” Maybe it will even bring up a fun date idea.

Advice: Start conversation with something flirty. Ask, “I definitely don’t want to mess this up. So help me study up, what are some of the worst things a person can do on a date?” Let him/her know that you’re taking notes and see if any other conversation starters come up.

Use big words: “I was going to tell you that you’re pretty. But really, you’re an anomaly.” Just make sure you can explain why next.

Confident Message Ideas

Some girls/guys love over-confidence. It can come off as charming if done right. Make sure that his/her profile suggests that they would receive a message like this well!

Our kids: Act like you already know the relationship will work out. Ask, “So will we tell our kids we met on [dating app]? Or do you have another story in mind?

Date night: Cut to the chase and make plans! Start with a unique date idea and see how they respond, “We could start with small talk, or really have something to talk about (like my ice skating skills? There’s a rink nearby, what about 8 p.m. Friday?” This would probably go over best with someone that is on a more serious (paid) dating site, or has signaled that they’re looking for relationships not hookups.

Our song: Try predicting the future. “I wonder what our song will be? I’m thinking something ironic/timeless/dance-worthy…” (whatever the profile may suggest).

Comment below and let us know which first message online dating ideas worked out best for you! And while you’re researching the online dating process, maybe it’s wise to review these online dating red flags

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