Five Top Problems With Ipads

Here, you can get a fair idea about the key problems and issues that arise in one of the most popular tablets – the iPad.

Issues with your Apple iPad

Though the iPad being one of the most popular and sought after tablets across the globe, here is a list of the top five problems faced by all the iPad users alike-

  1. Many users complain of splotchy light patches in the corners and on the edges of their screens when their screens display any dark graphics or pages.
  2. A lot of people have trouble connecting to Wi-Fi networks with their iPads. Some iPad 2 owners complain that they are unable to connect to the Internet via Wi-Fi or that they are soon booted off after they log in.
  3. Consumers have had problems, many a times, with plugging the iPad into the computer and booting up iTunes as the iTunes did not recognize the iPad. Many users have trouble getting their computers to recognize their iPad 2 after connecting them via USB.
  4. Many a times you face a problem with the iPad where the touchscreen doesn’t respond, or it’s extremely slow to respond, or precise areas won’t respond. Numerous users have reported problems with crumbly touchscreens or sometimes a frozen screen in which the screen does not respond to your touch for a few minutes.
  5. Also, there are some complaints where people have trouble getting a new app synced with the iPad. Some people have found that some apps just refuse to download.

CNNMoney reported that during Apple’s fiscal third quarter, which ended in June, iPad sales fell to $6.3 billion — a 27% drop over last year reports. The fact is that Apple no longer rules the market for tablets. Apple’s global tablet market share currently stands at 32%, down from 60% a year ago, according to International Data Corporation (IDC). And this has happened because the rivals like Samsung, Lenovo and Acer are taking advantage of the lack of significant updates by Apple.

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