The Foldable Tablet: Samsung’s Newest Innovation Could Debut By 2015

One of the more annoying parts of computing is the necessity of keeping track of all your devices. In fact, according to a report released last year, the average American household has more connected devices than humans, evening out to close to six devices for each house!

As such, the possibility of reducing the number of devices you use, without having to sacrifice any performance or quality, is something that would be most welcome by the average end user. This is where a recently-identified new patent by Samsung, detailing a tablet that can convert into a smartphone, is really set to make waves.

While details are sketchy this early in the game, some specifics have been identified. These include:



Samsung’s recent announcement that they have recently identified a new way to generate graphene, one of the potentially-hottest new materials seen since silicone, may have ties to the impending arrival of a foldable device. Graphene is ultra thin and has one hundred times more electron mobility than silicon and can make truly bendable devices possible.

Like a Tri-fold Wallet

Based on the sketches that accompanied the patent filing, the device will have three separate screens, which can expand and unfold into a tablet-sized screen. The process can be reversed to bring the size down to the level of a smartphone, by folding it in a similar manner as you would a tri-fold wallet.


It looks like Samsung will also be developing software capable of taking advantage of the unique size and layout of the new device. Chances are this software will be deployed as an app, rather than a full operating system or suite of software.

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