Free Apps for Preschoolers

It has come to that point. The point of no return when it comes to education and the ever so popular desire to incorporate technology.

We have begun to say, “children these days are going to grow up not knowing how to write on paper!” Although I think we are still a bit far away from that point, technology is 100% being used as an educational resource when it comes to young children, such as preschoolers.

So, when it comes to education, the more the merrier right? For right now, put the pencils and paper aside. Let’s take a look at a five free apps for preschoolers that are available on the market right now! Put your brain hat on!

App #1 Aa Match – Preschool Alphabet

free apps for preschoolers

If  you know a child that could play match maker all day long, this app is for them. The Aa Match app is free on the Apple App Store. Here’s how it works: gamers simply match the lower case letters to their correct upper case letters. When revealed, the letters are spoken aloud in efforts to match the look to the sound of the letter. When all of the correct matches have been made, the child is rewarded with that ever so catchy alphabet song.


free apps for preschoolers

This free app for preschoolers was designed with simplicity in mind, no distractions please, there is learning taking place.

App #2 Giraffe’s Matching Zoo

free apps for preschoolersWhat’s more fun to match then letters, animals! Equipped with entrancing colors and engaging sound effects, number 2 on our list of free apps for preschoolers is Giraffe’s Matching Zoo. Available on the Apple App Store, this app lets children try to beat their best time and continuously move through levels of animal matching.


free apps for preschoolers

App #3 Color by Numbers – Vehicles

free apps for preschoolers

Color by numbers is a mobile app that aims to assist children in brushing up on addition and subtraction skills. Easy to use paint pallets within the app allow children to embrace their own creativity when creating colors. With this app your child’s artwork will never be lost, the Color by Numbers app automatically saves each piece of art work when the program is closed.


free apps for preschoolers

The goal of the game is to “help children recognize numbers and solve simple mathematical examples. In addition this app also develops memory, attention, imagination, and logical abilities,” according to the Apple App Store description.

App #4 Zoo Animal Connect the Dots

free apps for preschoolers

The fourth app on our list of free apps for preschoolers teaches youngsters about shapes, numbers, and letters, all while showing them the types of wild animals they may find at the zoo. The objective here is to connect the dots in the correct order.


free apps for preschoolers

Not to mention, the app includes adorable wild animal noises in order to demonstrate the noises certain animals make. Makers of the app say this app helps children in “developing their hand eye coordination and dexterity, stimulating their puzzle solving skills and developing shape matching technique.”

App#5 ABC Preschool Word and Picture Puzzles

free apps for preschoolersThe last app on our list helps children learn the alphabet by using phonics and 120 different words. While playing the game, children can expect to, “learn the name of each letter as well as the sound that it makes then interactively play with objects that start with that letter.” As gamers move to more complex levels, they will then be tasked to place words as well as images into the proper area.

free apps for preschoolers

 There you have it! We hope you or a preschooler that you know can gain some serious knowledge from our list of free apps for preschoolers! The best part about these apps, their free to download!


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