Friend Locator App: Meeting New People Near You!

In this digital age, everything from cooking to saving money have been made easier thanks to apps for smartphones. One thing that has become drastically easier and more accessible thanks to new tech is creating a new friendship. That’s right – a friendship. These apps are usually called something along the lines of a “friend locator app” that use your geographic location, social media, and other personal preferences to set you up with a potential friend who is nearby. Since these apps are a dime-a-dozen, we’ve narrowed it down to the best friend locator apps on the market.


Wiith, a friend locator app with both Android and iPhone capabilities, invites you to “hang out with someone new.” The way Wiith works is that you create an event, such as a brunch, movie date, or shopping trip, and then the event is viewed by others in the Wiith network, who can then RSVP to your event. The catch, however, is that you have the final say. You can accept or reject those who show interest based on their profile and your goals for the event.

friend locator app


Meetup is another friend locator app that encourages users to “meetup” based on a common goal or interest. For example, you can join the meetup “train for a marathon,” and meetup with the other people who have expressed an interest in that group to train. You can create your own meetup based on an interest of yours, or choose from the hundreds of pre-existing ones. Other examples include: taking a cooking class, writing poetry, sculpting, or pick-up soccer games.


Already got a group of friends, but feeling like you all need to branch out a bit? This friend locator app brings together different groups of friends so that you can add to your already awesome squad. You can change your “squad” on any given day. Say you go out on Fridays with a certain group of friends, but usually go out with a different group on Saturday. You can simply change your “squad” to reflect who you are currently out with. In a Tinder-esque format, your squad can scroll through other squads and swipe right/left to accept or deny another group. Squad currently functions best on iOS, but is actively working on an Android option.


VINA is a friend locator app specifically for women. Similar to Tinder, the VINA app has you create a profile, add some pictures, and maybe talk a bit about your career to get started. Then, you simply start conversations with other women and go from there! VINA is more than just an app, it is a global movement. VINA’s website encourages women to publish their work, get connected, and empower each other to achieve #BossBabe status. VINA is more than just a friend locator app, it’s an empowering tool for women of all ages.

Moving to a new city can be tough, and it can often be harder to make friends as adults than most people let on. Don’t let a busy schedule deter you from creating personal moments with new friends. Download a friend locator app today and start your next great friendship!

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