Geek App, for Shopping Smarter, Faster.

Designed to inspire smarter shopping, the Geek app presents buyers with a new way to shop for discounted technology. The app, created by the makers of the Wish app,  is available for both Android and Apple users and can be downloaded for free.

The app currently requires Android software of 2.3 and up and Apple software of iOS 7 or later. Geek is also compatible with iPad and iPod touch and has been ranked 4.5 out of 5 stars on both the App Store and Google Play. Here is how it works.

The object of the app is to help users shop for and find popular devices and electronics for a whopping discount of 50-80% off that merchandise. Geek does the work by going directly to the manufacturers for discounts so that shoppers don’t have to.

geek app


Below is a list of the current categories available for shopping on the Geek app:

 Watches, Drones, Headphones, Speakers, Phone Chargers, Projectors, iPhone Accessories, Android Accessories, Cables, Screen Projectors, Phone Decals, iPad Acessories, Computer Accessories and Mice,  Bike and Motorcycle Accessories, Car Accessories, Flash Drives, Cameras, Wallets, Bags, Video Game Acessories, MP3 Players, Lights, Remote Controlled Electronics, Memory Cards, Solar Powered Gadgets, Wireless Accessories, Fishing Gear, Flashlights, Outdoor and Camping Gear, Musical Instruments, Athletic Gear, Pet Accessories, Tools, Games and more.


Here is what one Geek app user had to say about their experience as of June 14, 2016:

“I definitely have to say that Geek is worth the money. I’ve ordered quite a few things and so has a good friend of mine. You just have to read the details and descriptions to make sure your getting what you think you are ordering. Many products look the same but have different descriptions…” -Bardy1123

Indeed Bardy1123, the geek app is home to various products that fall into the same category and and be confusing to the eye at first, being as specific with your product search as possible may be helpful.


geek app


Other satisfied users also noted that the products that arrived to them were great but, they did indeed have to wait awhile for shipping and processing time.

Upon downloading the Geek app, users are invited to claim a free gift of their choice. These free gifts are small in nature and range in price value from $1.00-$4.00 on Geek.

After moving forward to selecting desired shopping products, users can read product descriptions and access information regarding price, estimated shipping time, estimated shipping price, product availability, and product ratings.

The goal of the Geek app is to help shoppers simply shop faster and save money while doing it. Who would have thought it possible to save money and save time simultaneously?


Have you or someone you know tested out the Geek app on Apple or Android? Fill us in on your product feedback, comment below!



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