Get “Unsocial” With The Cloak App

Cloak is the perfect app if your rather not see those annoying persons that apparently are in your area. How does it exactly work? Link your Instagram and Foursquare account to the Cloak app and the app will automatically give you a notification when one of your Instagram/Foursquare friends are nearby. It’s the perfect way to avoid your ex, irritating cousin, whoever it may be. Cloak analyzes where your social media “friend” currently are located by reading their updates on Instagram and Foursquare.

The app is called anti-social because it doesn’t do anything else than giving you a notification. You cannot share it on any social media platform, update your status or anything else social media platforms are required to do. It’s just a simple, plain app that (tries) to do its job.




Yup, we say “try” because there seem to be a few complications concerning Cloak. First of all, if you want to avoid those people in real life, why would you have to as a “friend” on Instagram or Foursquare? If you don’t care to see them in real life, why would you care about their social media updates? For example: we think it’s very unlikely you still have your ex on Instagram, are we correct? And secondly, if it locates your friend by analyzing Instagram and Foursquare updates, doesn’t that mean that they have to update constantly in order to know where they are at the moment?

We have our doubts about this app, but if you often are in such situations that you come across people you rather not talk to, download Cloak and give it a try. And don’t forget to share your experience with us, we’re always curious!

Cloak is a free app, and so far only available in the iTunes store. Click here to download the app.

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