GoNo, an Awesome New App for the Indecisive

Stumped? Having trouble deciding what to do?


For those of you who have trouble making decisions, breath a sigh of relief, I have the perfect app for you. GoNo is its name, and it is described on their website as…

 a social networking application that answers life’s various questions. Connect with your friends or the public to ask and answer questions, then view results updated in real time. Send GoNo’s to your closest friends-or release your GoNo to the public for even more feedback.

Basically, you are able to set up simple surveys and the “public” is then able to answer them. The surveys vary; some examples are as follows:  “Which movie is better? Ghost busters or Back to The Futre” “Which airline should I take? American Airlines or Delta” “Sonic vs. Mario Kart?” etc.  And then you are given the results in a simple pie chart.


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