Good Pickup Lines to Exchange Mobile Numbers

When it comes pick up lines there is without a doubt the right way to use them and the wrong way to use them. None the less, they continue to be used when it comes to “getting someone’s attention.”

Have you ever thought that maybe, just maybe, the best pick up lines aren’t really lines at all?

Sure the famous one-liners like, “did it hurt? (did what hurt) when you fell from heaven?” are going to be around for decades to come. But, when it comes to the real deal ways to get someone to like you depending on what you say to them, where does one even begin?

To help you out, we have developed a list of good pickup lines that may actually work when meeting a new face, a face you are particularly fond of for that matter. We’ve covered both genders so take a look and give it a shot, at least this way you will have something to say! If you are trying to get close enough to exchange mobile phone numbers by the end of the conversation, these might just do the trick!

Good Pickup Lines for Men

1. “Whoa, you look like you could use some muscles for that job, better ask that bigger guy over there, just kidding, can I give you a hand?”

2.  “Would you like to sit down?” (Offering up your seat on public transportation, chivalry is NOT dead people!)

3. “Do you have the time?” (Gives you the time) “Hmph, I always wondered if I would meet my soulmate at 12:15, thanks!”

4. “Care to dance?” She will admire your bravery to say the very least!

5. “Wow, I’m not sure what to call what you’re wearing, but I like that!”

6. “So, I just spent the last 20 minutes trying to come up with a reason to ask you something, but I got nothing. Anyway, my name is Tom.”

good pickup lines man celebrating

 Good Pickup Lines for Women

1. “Would you mind taking a look at my car engine? Something doesn’t sound right?” (Do this only in a safe place at the right time, you know, for the guy you follow around at the grocery store or something!)

2. “What’s your favorite beer? I’m trying to pick out a gift for a friend and I have no idea what they’ll like!”

3. “So, I’m going to mix things up here, can I buy you a drink?”

4. “You look like a guy who has a really funny story to turn my night around.”good pickup lines girl and boy happy with phone

Good Gender-Neutral Pickup Lines

1. “Can I help you with that?” (Presuming the person has their hands full and could use help opening a door or holding a bag)

2. “Excuse me, this is embarrassing, but I am so lost, can you point me in the direction of …”

3. “You dropped something.” (If the person actually dropped something, you’re in! If not maybe toss in: “You know what, this is embarrassing I just wanted to say hello to you.”)

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