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Google Daydream Apps: Best + Full List

Google daydream apps are the hottest new trend, following the release of Google’s first Daydream VR headset in November 2016.

Since it’s release there have been a lot of apps on the market, and many have highlighted the best games, news sources and immersive environment apps for download – we will endeavour to do the same below while also providing a full list of the Google Daydream apps available.

Best to play:

Fantastic Beasts (free):

This VR game, based off the most recent film released as part of the Harry Potter franchise has been totted up by early players as a fully immersive and captivating environment for game play. The only downfall is that it will only take you about 20 minutes to complete the entire game. Although, it’s free! So, definitely a game to get your virtual hands on. hello

Polyrunner (free):



Polyrunner is an additive game – similar to the addictiveness of games such as Angry Birds or Fruit Ninja, this game will have you playing for hours without even realising it.

Early reviewers have loved this game though, the only criticism being that is can be a little nauseating (so best to avoid playing after a night out).

Twilight Pioneers (free):

This role-playing game appeals to the nerd in all of us – who doesn’t love dragons, dungeons, magic and swords? And what’s even better – you’re fully immersed in the environment!

Waving a sword around that seems detached to your body may be a little disconcerting for some but you are allowed to roam freely in your environment – which is a huge testament to the ingenuity and skill of the game developers. You’ll love playing this in VR.

Best to watch:

YouTube (free):

Of course Google has released a YouTube app for their VR headset – now that YouTube 360 videos are becoming more and more mainstream – this app does a great job of cultivating the best of the best for your viewing pleasure.

What’s coming soon:


It’s safe to say there are very few people that don’t like watching Netflix – it’s become a favorite favorite already, after just four years in the production business.

Netflix lovers will be pleased to know there’s a Netflix app for Daydream coming soon! It’s not clear whether it will resemble Samsung Gear VR’s version that features  cabin house and a huge screen for viewing, but it’s surely exciting times ahead!

Layers of Fear:

Some of you may be petrified by the possibility of a fully immersive horror movie viewing scenario (I’m with you here!) – but some people love this stuff! If you’re a strong, horror-film-lover, you’re going to want to see how long you can last in this first-person  horror game before you throw your headset off and run screaming out of the house.


Full list of Google Daydream apps:

Other Daydream apps coming in the future:

  • Ocean Rift
  • Relax VR
  • Hungry Shark VR
  • Joe Montana Football
  • Affected The Manor
  • Cosmic Chef
  • Classroom Aquatic
  • Loco Motors
  • Avakin Life
  • Baskhead
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