Google Fit: Google’s Bid On Health Tracking Set To Launch At the End of June

It seems like virtually every time you turn around, a new company is launching itself into the health and fitness tracking industry. Some produce devices, such as the Nike Fuel Band, the Jawbone UP and the Fitbit Ultra. Other companies produce apps and services designed to work with these health devices, such as Apple’s forthcoming HealthKit. All told, the health-tracking industry is growing by leaps and bounds, something projected to only increase as time goes by.

This makes Google’s recent announcement that they will be entering into this lucrative field not exactly a surprise. Google has long been one of the leaders in innovation in the tech industry, so their development of this type of tech was bound to happen. As a result, Google Fit was born.


The Basics

Google Fit is a service that receives information from a fitness tracker that the user wears, and collates data into useful and helpful graphs and charts. As of the time of this writing, it is unclear as to whether Google Fit will be a standalone app or integrated directly into a future release of the Android operating system.


According to reputable sources, Google has penned deals with several different fitness-tracking hardware companies already. The goal with this is to allow seamless integration between the worn device and the Google Fit service.

The Cloud

One source close to the development of Google Fit has indicated that it would allow a fitness tracker, such as one that measures heart rate and step taken, to interface directly with Google’s cloud services. This would , in turn, build an entire ecosystem with Google Fit at its core.

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