Google: “New Self-Driving Cars Can Tackle Chaotic Streets”

Google has announced that its self-driving cars can now be able to maneuver through busy city streets.  This is a more complex situation than the highway driving that was initially focused on. As Google notes, a mile of driving in the city is much more complex than driving on the freeway. This is because there are probably hundreds of objects moving in different directions according to different rules.

The new self-driving software can simultaneously detect hundreds of distinct objects, including other cars, pedestrians and stop signs. As a matter of fact, the self-driving car can pay attention to minutest of details, in a way, that may not be possible to a human. Moreover, the car never gets tired or distracted.

Since 2009, when the project was first launched, Google has logged about 700,000 driving miles and Google has reported no accident caused by its vehicles, reports Planet Save.

Google's new self-driving cars

Google said it decided to focus on city driving about a year ago because the city is where most people live and work. Thus, the self-driving car idea would make more sense if it’s able to overcome chaotic city streets. Google was able to do this by adding more objects such as pedestrians and cyclists to its software. The sensors of the vehicle can now read objects when they suddenly appear.

Also, Google added thousands of possible driving situations so that the vehicle can recognize them. For instance, even a sudden appearance of a car is taken care of.

Google said that it parched its self-driving cars on defensive driving habits so that the car can stay clear of meandering motorcycles and large tracks.

Google has posted a YouTube video demonstrating how the car navigates a busy city street in a manner that is even superior to human driving. Despite the massive achievement, Google faces many hurdles in terms of numerous regulatory and legal challenges before its cars can actually hit the streets.

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