Google: The Next Big Name In Wireless Service?

Smartphones, tablets and other mobile computing devices have truly become the go-to hardware for a lion’s share of today’s computing situations and needs. Unfortunately, the work you do and the activities you enjoy on them can only be as fulfilling as the network they are run upon. Data caps, no bars, excessive contracts…all of these things can go a long way towards turning a satisfactory experience into one rife with frustration.


Imagine how much better life would be if the creators of the operating system your device runs on and the carrier you use were one in the same. This prospect is what makes the idea of Google launching their own wireless service such an attractive prospect. Instead of having to shop around for a suitable plan, you could get one directly from the source of the exceptional Android operating system.

Google’s initial foray into the world of data carriers began in 2012 with the rumors of an impending partnership with Dish Network. This potential deal was scrapped when incompatibilities arose between what Google was looking for and what Dish Network needed for its potential services.

Fortunately for consumers, Google did not stop with Dish. Last year, Google launched an experimental wireless network, which covered their headquarters in Mountain View, California. While this network would be unable to cover outside customers, it showed that Google still had aspiration of becoming a wireless carrier. Google also began to make advances into emerging markets, primarily those in Southeast Asia and Africa.

Which brings us to today. Google’s current aspirations include licensing and reselling data from both Verizon and Sprint. Their goal is to become a MVNO, which stands for mobile virtual network operator. This would work in tandem with the existing Google Fiber service, which would only pass requests on to the MVNO when it is over capacity.

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