Google Is Testing New Gmail Redesign!

If you use Gmail, you will most likely experience some huge differences in the near future because Google is testing out some major changes on the desktop-based version of Gmail. The easy-to-use email platform is about to get more efficient and more pleasant. According to Geek’s report, the user interface will be completely different and it is going to be designed to function optimally on all screen sizes.


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Thanks to the leaked images, we can see that there’s going to be a nice “fly-in” menu. In our opinion, this looks much more neat than the current tabs we have on Gmail using basic names like “Inbox”, “Starred”, “Important” etc. This new feature will allow you to, at all time, have the full-sized menu system visible, but you can also shrink it so the menu doesn’t distract you. There are new categories which will organize your emails, whether the subject is “Travel”, “Purchases”, “Finance” etc, it will now all have its own place.



In the bottom right corner, we will see something that looks like an organizer or a compact to-do list. You can compose new reminders, to-do etc.


The Google Hangouts interface will be much more of a focus in Gmail’s new redesign. And finally, there will be a new integrated “pinning system” which will replace Gmail’s function to “star” emails. This way, users will be able to “pin” these important messages at the top of the inbox or revert them back to the usual way of displaying emails.

A release date is not known yet, so stay tuned for more information!

What do you think of this huge redesign? Does it look better than the current look of Gmail?

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