Google wallet card and app

Google Wallet Card And App

Google revealed and launched its new Google wallet card in November. If you are already a Google wallet user, you can online order for a card instantly as this card will be tied to Google Wallet account. Google wallet is a Smartphone app and acts like a bank account; it permits the users to transfer money to each other and purchase stuff.

Google is now offering a card that would allow the users not only to use it for purchasing things from the local stores or online, but also withdraw cash from ATMs. This Google wallet card is affiliated with Master Card and can be used wherever the master card is valid.

Link your bank account to Google wallet card

According to Google, users can add money to the new Wallet Card by linking it to a bank account, or when another person transfers money to their Wallet account or from a linked credit card. And Google further added in its blog post that this new Wallet Card can be used in “Millions of Locations” that accept Master Card and that the card will be totally free and the company will not charge the cardholders with any annual or monthly fees. As for now, this card will be available only in the United States.

 According to Reuters, a Google spokeswoman confirmed that data about transactions made with the new Wallet card – including the description of goods purchased, the amount of the transaction and the name and address of the seller shall be added to the internal profiles that Google maintains for users of its services, which can be used to target ads.

This card benefits Google along with the consumers. With the use of this card, Google can keep a tap on your buying pattern, and that allows the company to tailor its ads as per the demand of consumers and also it gets to build a vast database of potential targeted customers for ads.

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