Transform your wardrobe via Wearable Tech? Find out how!

It goes without saying that this is the age of technological breakthroughs. Google may be in the frontline of making eye-computers, but there are plenty of things to watch out for in terms of wearable-tech. Just have a look at four significant developments you might expect in not so distant future.

1. Self-Lacing Shoes

Self-Lacing Shoes

This self-lacing shoe has been patented by Nike. The kicks feature a spring coil, a dock to charge the shoes and a bunch of lights. The company’s patent attorneys say the design could work in a wide variety of footwear, including ski boots, ice skates and cycling shoes.

2. Smart purses

Smart purses from Everpurse

The potential for wireless gadgets is mindboggling. If you are familiar with wireless chargers, you can get the idea behind new smart purses being sold by Everpurse. The purses are designed to charge your Smartphone with no plug required. The company also plans to make accessories that will alert people on their forgotten IDs or lost keys.

3. Body-scan bespoke

Accustom Apparel Body-scan bespoke

Accustom Apparel, a New York based startup, has come up with a body scanner that will be used by suit makers to collect over 200,000 vital data points to make a great fit. Body-scan bespoke uses a bunch of algorithms and flashy computer to collect data points in your body. Your tailor will never ask those tiresome questions again.

4. Computer Camouflage

Google has just announced a plan to provide four extra frames for its Google Glass product. This is one of the seminal wearable tech gadgets that will make a grand entry into the gadget market.

Google Computer Camouflage

Computer camouflage is a form of expressive interface that will combine hair styling and makeup with face-recognition thwarting designs. The aim of the computer camouflage is to make an object undetectable to computer face detection algorithms.

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