Graphene: How This New Wonder Material Will Improve Smartphone Technology

One of the things I enjoy most about writing in the tech industry is being able to watch the evolution of different devices over the course of time. Computers have evolved from clunky, space-consuming devices to ones much trimmer and more powerful. Cellphones have also enjoyed many forward steps in their evolutionary journey, beginning with the basic deices from the 90’s to the powerful smartphones we have in our pockets and purses today.

So what is the next step in smartphone evolution? Many industry experts are pointing to one material in specific: graphene.

What Is Graphene?

Graphene is a unique material comprised of a single layer of carbon atoms locked together in a hexagonal pattern. Graphene is so thin that it is considered to be two dimensional and is approximately one million times thinner than a piece of paper. It is also quite a bit stronger than steel!


How Will Graphene Improve Mobile Tech?

The thinness of graphene is one of the main reasons why graphene is such a hot topic these days. This quality will allow manufacturers to produce devices that are much slimmer, while actually increasing their durability.

Graphene is also very flexible, making it perfect in developing wearable technology. Because it is so flexible and thin, it can be bent into the different shapes that would be applicable to wearables.

Graphene also has another quality that makes it such an anticipated material: conductivity. Graphene has 100 times the electron mobility of silicon, which is the material most widely used today. In fact, this trait could end up providing internet speeds in excess of 100 times faster than current devices!


While industry professionals are still developing ways to produce graphene on a wide scale, it is expected to be used in devices as early as this year. Would a thin, flexible smartphone be something that interests you? Let us know in the Comments section below!

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