Guardian Angel: This Wearable Tech Might Just Save Your Life

Wearable tech of all shapes and types has been springing up all over the place in recent years. With the amazing leaps we have made in mobile technology comes the opportunity to use it in more capacities than just smartphones, tablets or laptops. A perfect example of this would be the highly-touted, upcoming device, Google Glass, the perfect champion of the wearable-tech revolution.

There is one line of wearable tech that has recently emerged that could actually save your life. Appropriately dubbed “Guardian Angel,” this line of products includes a device, combined with an app, designed primarily for female tech users.


Guardian Angel comes in the shape of a halo and can be worn as either a bracelet or necklace. It is designed to be easily accessible and always within reach. By pressing the button on the device, a signal is sent to the app on your smartphone, prompting it to ring. This feature can provide an easy out if you are interacting with someone you do not want to.

By pressing and holding the call button for three seconds, a text will be sent out to a number you designate, letting your friends or family know you are in danger. The text will come equipped with coordinates, as well as a link to a Google Maps location.

Both app and hardware were created in partnership with AWARE (Association for Women’s Action and Research). This ensures that its operation is as capable as possible of providing the most protection and support for those who use it. Accessories for the Guardian Angel line can be purchased from their website, allowing you to customize it to your personal fashion tastes.

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