HabitRPG: Turn your tasks into a game!

We are always testing and looking out for new Apps, from games and fitness to productivity and creative tools. A recent “task-tracker” app that caught our eye was HabitRPG. Building habits is really difficult, so apps have made this endeavor much easier for people to focus and achieve new lifestyle changes. But most task apps tend to still be boring. That’s where HabitRPG beats the competiton. Having a healthy lifestyle is so important, and this app uses “gamification” to make it exciting, educating, and rewarding.


HabitRPG states,

HabitRPG is a video game to help you improve real life habits. It “gamifies” your life by turning all your tasks (habits, dailies, and to-dos) into little monsters you have to conquer. The better you are at this, the more you progress in the game. If you slip up in life, your character starts backsliding in the game.


HabitRPG is free on Android and iPhone, as well as browser based. You can really dig deep with this “game”! Other 3rd Party Tools tie HabitRPG into various aspects of your life. Our API provides easy integration for things like the Chrome Extension, for which you lose points when browsing unproductive websites, and gain points when on productive ones. See more here.


Get Sweet Gear. Improve your habits to build up your avatar. Show off the sweet gear you’ve earned


Find Random Prizes. For some, it’s the gamble which motivates them, a system called “stochastic rewarding”. HabitRPG accommodates all reinforcement styles: positive, negative, predictable, and random.

You progress your character, with items and weapons, if you improve your skills and habits — but can hurt your progress and character if you miss tasks – habits, dailys, to-dos, etc. You can also set rewards to motivate yourself.

Another great feature of HabitRPG is that you can take your solo tasks and skills, but make it social. The app boosts “Compete With Friends, Join Interest Groups”. You can compete with friends and strangers, as well as collaborate and focus on accountability. For example, yourself and a group of friends can choose to fight a boss, but if you skip the gym (a task you set) then it will hurt your ENTIRE team.



Let us know if you try HabitRPG and how it works for you. This is a perfect app for ALL ages! The team and community behind HabitRPG are so passionate about education and improvement, that this sytem can truly highlight how to improve your life.



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