Health and Wellness App Pause Relives Stress Immediately

A wise person once said, “being busy is overrated, slow down, and relax.” Really? Is it that difficult for us human beings to just pause for a second? Well, yes actually it is. Baffled over this inability, a man who was once overloaded by his own mind decided to develop a solution that will benefit those of us who can’t seem to slow down. This innovative thinker goes by the name of Peng Cheng, and he is the founder of the health and wellness app, Pause. Pause, available for Androids and Apple devices, is the latest sensation in health and wellness app impressing the mobile industry.


health and wellness app

To start from scratch, Cheng informs us that most stress stems from our own minds, by placing our attention onto one calming and interactive digital space, we can relieve stress, depression, and our inability to focus. Stress will no longer absorb our attention because with Pause our attention is in the moment and the moment alone.

How does it work? Well, Pause uses a fast acting relaxation technique that works by engaging users to slowly and continuously drag their finger across the screen of their device, all the while, they are following a colorful sphere-like effect.


health and wellness app


Calming and engaging, this movement sends triggers to the body’s “rest and digest response.” This means that users are now able to focus on the here and now, one task, as oppose to twenty. This focus then begins to initiate the relaxation of the busy mind. Did I mention it begins to work within minutes?

Throughout the interactive (and might I add simple user experience) people are rewarded for their sense of focus. If a user becomes distracted, looks away, or looses their placement on the moving effect, the colorful point of focus will fade away, alerting the user that they have indeed lost their focus and the mind is somewhere else.

The health and wellness app gives users the ability to relax anywhere, anytime, a task that is typically hard to do.

It is almost too simple, we can calm our active minds and lower our mental work load with our fingers? It sounds crazy, but it makes sense. Simple actions calm the mind, the sounds and effects integrated in Pause help us stay in the simple moment.


health and wellness app

Can you imagine, on the train, after a three-hour meeting, after a stubbing your toe one too many times? Anytime, anywhere capabilities make Pause the ultimate partner in “at your finger tips” health and wellness.

Not convinced? Pause is reliable and has been scientifically tested and proven to work. Ustwo, a global digital product studio are the masterminds behind this operation. They have implemented ancient and mindfulness Tai Chi like techniques. The digital team went so far as to utilize EEG-technology to conduct brain activity scans during testing to ensure the effectiveness of Pause. The techniques used in Pause are currently patent pending.


health and wellness app

Do you think Pause can help you quickly regain focus or even truly enhance your health and wellness? Let us know what you think!

You can purchase Pause for $1.99 on the App Store.



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