Healthcare Technology: Apple Leading in Reinventing Technology Software

Many industry experts are already asking what Apple is going to do next in order to create an immensely profitable market for itself. Its iPad and iPhone have already registered a lot of successes, and it remains to be seen what new products are going to change the tech world, specifically, the digital healthcare sector.

One of the products from Apple being fronted to become the next hit is the iWatch, which joins hundreds of other smartwatches. The company has brought together a team of elite professionals working on wearables: exercise physiologists, sleep researchers, fitness experts and medical experts in a quest to reinvent the Smartwatch.

Apple Healthbook App

In iPad, iPhone and iWatch, Apple is working round-the-clock to create hardware and apps centered on health and fitness that is compatible across ever mobile device from Apple. In 2013, a team of senior Apple executives met with U.S Food and Drug administration directors to deliberate on mobile medical applications.

According to 9to5Mac, the next release of iOS will include Plug-in accessories for tracking and monitoring health and fitness data as well as an app called Healthbook which will tap into the sensors of iWatch, iPad and iPhone. Such applications and plug-ins could help in tracking calories burned each day, number of steps walked, and a host of other fitness statistics. Other vital health data it could collect include hydration levels, blood pressure and heart rates.

With the endorsement of FDA, Apple will be able to tap into the regulated digital health market. Perhaps even insurance companies in America could offer discounts to Apple Healthbook app’s users with good driving records. Apple is definitely trying to redefine healthcare by producing revolutionary healthcare digital products, thanks to the age of smartphones.

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