How to Make an Engaging App

By G+ Author: Dennis Tablott.

With so many apps competing for user attention, it’s important you make yours stand out and engage with your audience.

We’ve compiled three tips for an engaging app from the pros

1. Run your app on desktop first, if possible. That’s what King (the publisher of Candy Crush Saga) does. “They already know what’s going to be a hit,” says Paul Brady, a rep for King. If a game proves itself on desktop, then King adds social components for Facebook. Later, it hits mobile.

2. Make your app enjoyable both for a long period and in 2-5 minute bursts. Many apps are used when users are waiting on line or in other tedious situations and are looking for snackable entertainment.

3. Pay attention to the sounds you use. Nik Fletcher, product manager at RealMac Software, says the satisfying plink sound that RealMac’s Clear app makes when you finish a task is one reason for Clear’s success. “It just makes you feel good,” he says. “That’s ultimately what it is, the feel-good factor.”

Source: Mashable

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