Apple expected to announce iMessage for Androids

Apple is expected to announce that iMessage text messaging will soon be released for Android users. According to a source with personal connections to Apple and insights into their thinking, Apple plans to announce this update at the Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) next Monday, June 13th. This update will grant iMessage for Androids, thus making it possible for Android and iOS users to communicate securely.

iMessage currently features end-to-end encryption to which Apple cannot even gain access. In February, Apple’s Senior VP of Internet Software and Services, Eddy Cue, reported that the number of iMessages sent between iOS users exceeded 200,000 per second.

Apple has been increasingly focused on broadening its markets, specifically with Android. For example, the company released Apple Music for Android last November. However, the source notes that Apple’s strategy is constantly in flux; the timing of the announcement may change, but will “definitely” be announced sometime this year.

Perhaps this is Apple’s attempt to compete with the popularity of messaging apps. Messaging apps, that also use Wi-Fi to send texts and media, are becoming ever more important among users. In turn, these services can become more profitable for brands. iPhone users will be excited to keep their messages in the “blue” rather when texting friends with Androids. Perhaps this will put some of the Apple vs Android contest to rest and everyone can just get along.


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