Instacart: Fill your fridge from your couch with this App!


Instacart is a small company that, through an application, allows users to do their grocery shopping from the comfort of their home. Groceries are then delivered promptly to the user’s exact location within a pre-determined time frame.

Thus far, the start-up delivery company seems to be having great success – in the last round of funding in which it participated, the company raised ~$220 million with total valuation exceeding ~$2 billion, as reported by the Recode website.


How does it work?

Through the app on a smartphone, mobile browser or desktop, users can choose from various retailers and shop for specific items. After choosing the products they want to receive, a buyer is responsible for taking orders and collect the items. If the item the user chooses is not in inventory, the buyer will call or text the user to discuss appropriate substitutions. The buyer is often responsible for making the shipment to the home and in some cases independent contractors are used to lower shipping costs.

The cost of shipping ranges from $3.99 (for orders over $35) and $15 (for smaller orders).

If you still don’t know this app and you hate spending hours in supermarket lines, don’t hesitate to download it!

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Android App



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