iPad Air vs. iPad 2

If you’re in the marking looking to buy a 10 inch tablet and happen to be a fan of Apple, then you’re in luck because you can now choose between the iPad Air and the iPad 2. If you look at the basic models, the iPad Air starts at $499 whereas the iPad Mini, both with Retina Display, costs $100 less at $399. The CPU for both the machines is identical with the A7 chip and 64-bit architecture and M7 motion compressor. Both run on the iOS 7, and you can choose from storage options that range from 16GB to 128GB, depending on your needs. They’re identical in terms of battery life, which is approximately 10 hours and their cameras, which are 5 mega pixels in the rear and 1.2 mega pixels for the front camera. Even their video recording is the same at 1080p HD.

iPad Air charging cable

If you look at the Apple line of products, the iPad 2 and iPhone4S are the only two devices that still use the old 30 pin connector, which may work well for you if you’ve owned a lot of Apple products in the past. But the adapters for iPad Air means a broader variety of devices can now work with the iPad Air’s new lightning port.

When you’re choosing between them, the only difference that’s substantial is that the iPad 2’s 40% smaller display makes the device smaller and lighter, but on the other hand, iPad Air’s larger display makes the text more legible and videos more enjoyable even if you’re sitting far away. That being said, the iPad Air is still easier to hold in one hand with its latest makeover, the 9.7 inch machine looks a lot sleeker with its new chamfered edges and smaller bezels. The question you have to ask yourself is whether the $100 difference is worth it.

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