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IPhone Storage Full? Dime Sized Storage Expansion Available

With an ever increasing size of media files, iPhone users usually face a plethora of problems.

This problem also arises from the fact, for instance, a 16GB iPhone already has around 4 GB of hard disk space pre-occupied, leaving you with only 12 GB of usable space.

For a solution to the above problem, a unique Kickstarter campaign has proposed an innovative Magnetic Dime sized iPhone storage (i.Dime) expansion device. i.Dime can add up to 256GB of space to your iPhone which in turn, will allow you to store hundreds of high-quality photos, songs, videos, etc. Available in 256, 128, 64 & 32 GB variants, an i.dime is sure to find a place in your ‘device’ collection.

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Connecting it with your computer is incredibly easy; all you need to do is just remove the dime and place it on the USB holder provided. Once this is done, plug it into the USB port of your computer or laptop. That’s it, now sit back and enjoy lightning fast 95 MB/s reading and 90MB/s writing speeds. For example, 16GB of photos and videos will take hardly 3 minutes to be transferred.
i.dime is made up of polycarbonate urethane and comes with an optional slip-preventive i.dime case. Moreover, it is available in 5 color variants viz. white, lilac, baby blue, stone, coral, and is compatible with iPhone 5, SE, 6, 6+, 6S, 6s+, 7.
Another plus point of the i.dime is its simple, intuitive & user-friendly interface. The interface hides all complexities from the users and gives them the option to store media files directly on to the dime rather than crowding up the pre-installed hard disk. Also, managing files becomes so much easier; you can backup all your photos, contacts, videos, etc with just a press of a button. All modern audio and video formats are supported, with an added support for reading documents as well.
Sometimes sharing stuff between android and iPhone can become a headache. i. dime takes care of this too, with the help of a specially crafted Micro USB Holder, this issue would be treated as an ‘ancient’ one. Notably, a similar ‘lightning holder’ is also provided to share contents across ios devices.

iphone storage full idime
The external battery can be utilized in two ways, either as a charging dock for syncing and charging the phone at the same time or as a portable battery. As far as accessories are concerned, you can add $9 to the reward level of your choice, in order to ‘earn’ a stylish keychain-holder which can hold up to two dimes and dongles simultaneously.
All in all, the Kickstarter campaign is quite a unique one. Though it is very difficult to find platforms which support innovative ideas monetarily, Kickstarter has inspired many to come out and express their brilliance. So, the next time you see, “iPhone storage full,” keep this little device in mind!

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