An Irish Linux Engineer Builds His Own Mobile Phone Using a Raspberry Pi

The Raspberry Pi—what can’t this tiny computer do? Although Smartphones may have hit the mobile technology saturation point in the market, hackers and independent inventors have used recyclable electronics, computer parts and circuit boards to build things like media streamers, games console and outer space camera. And now, a Smartphone has been added to that list in a short period of time.

Build your own smartphone

A Linux Software engineer from Limerick, Ireland called Dave Hunt has proved that a mix of creativity, technical expertise and right parts can be combined to create new inventions. By using a basic Raspberry Pi computer as well as other parts, he has managed to create a working Smartphone he calls the “PiPhone” proving that it is not only possible, but also affordable to build a custom Smartphone.

Hunt has previously demonstrated other projects like Pi-powered RAID server and DSLR attachment, among others, but the working cell phone seems to have eclipsed them all.

PiPhone from raspberry pi

PiPhone is made entirely from off the shelf computer components such as a small touch screen TFT module, battery pack, GSM/GPRS modem with an antenna, DC-DC boost converter, all costing about $158. There is no need for soldering, but it does need a couple of cable ties. It also features a custom code in the form of a numeric keypad on a touchscreen interface for making calls. Actually, if you can assemble the right accessories, you can also make your own PiPhone.

This means that the only thing this phone can do is to make and receive calls. So, flicking Facebook and other stuff are out of the question.

The project may not be particularly innovative, but it shows that common components can be assembled to create Smartphones and other hacking tools.

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