Japanese City [Osaka] Gets Free Wi-Fi!

City-wide Wi-Fi access is now increasing throughout the cities of developed countries, in a bid to attract international tourists for ease of accessing the internet. Many leading world cities have the concept of free Wi-Fi within their limits to show they had embraced the ultra-modern technology culture.

Free Wi Fi in Japan

As many nations of the high-income world in North America and Europe have invested in this venture, the Asian countries, too, are on the verge of comparing themselves to a public internet accessing system of Los Angeles or Toronto, and a Japan city is now ready for providing free internet access to its residents as well as its visitors as reported by Reddit technology.

The city of Osaka, the most visited Japanese city after the capital Tokyo, now has two new Wi-Fi connections,

  1. Osaka Free Wi-Fi,  and
  2. Osaka Free Wi-Fi Lite.

This will enable Osaka population to access free internet access throughout the city. You can get information on Osaka what you want, fast and easy from your Smartphone, tablet or laptop.

We are certain that the new connections, Osaka Free Wi-Fi and Osaka Free Lite will definitely make your trip to Osaka more satisfying and fun-filled”, says Osaka Bob, Osaka Tourism supporter with helping how to use new Wi-Fi facilities in Osaka.

“Great, I can access the internet! I can look up train schedules, facilities and stores!” exclaims an international tourist to Osaka, as a feedback from her regarding the new facility.

Free Wi Fi for Osaka

The official site Osaka-info.jp provides inclusive information and directs you as how to use Wi-Fi in Osaka in an easy manner. It has some reset timings for limitations on your use, on both the connections.

  • On Osaka Free Wi-Fi, you can use about 30 minutes of Wi-Fi for free without any limitations, then it resets itself.
  • On Osaka Free Wi-Fi Lite, the reset interval is at every 15 minutes; it can be used only four times per day i.e. one hour each day. Also, you need to register your email address for accessing the Wi-Fi.

Jessica Kozuka, guest blogger at RocketNews24 believes that Wi-Fi system can make or break any city’s visiting value. “As regular visitors can say, the simplicity of internet usage in any city can boost its visitors or take them away,” adds Kozuka.

The government of Osaka certainly deserves kudos for this step.

Way to go for the technology, we may now have many cities replicating Osaka.

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