The Jawbone UP3

Wearable tech is a pretty hot commodity these days and the new Jawbone UP3 is no exception. The Jawbone UP3 retails for $180, and for $50 more than its predecessor the Jawbone UP24, the UP3 has the ability to track the resting heart rate of the wearer through it’s bioimpedance sensors, this feature is able to more accurately provide the state of individual’s overall health and fitness.


The UP3 is the smallest sleekest looking wearable on the market, it’s designed to look more like a piece of jewelry. It has functional metal studs built into it which serve to conduct the electrical bioimpedance measurements used to monitor heart rate. The UP3 also has the ability to measure both the ambient and skin temperature of the wearer. It’s water resistant up to 10 meters making it both pool and shower friendly, giving it the ability to measure your heart rate 24/7.

Not only this, it’s a super intelligent piece of technology! The UP3 has the ability of knowing what activity you’re doing, whether it’s Zumba or jogging and automatically tracks it. It never stops looking out for you, even while you’re sleeping it tracks the stages of your sleep through, light to deep and measures you REM. Gathering information about every aspect of your physical activity, heart monitoring, sleep and diet, the UP3 is able to help you by creating a plan that will allow you to reach your goals even faster. 

It’s other features include:

  • • Wireless Syncing- means you’re always connected by Bluetooth so you never need to plug the device in to upload your data.

  • • Auto Activity Classification- It knows what activities you’re engaging in and automatically logs your physical activity.

  • • Continuous Updates- New features delivered through free UP software and app updates

  • • Idle Alert- It will remind you when you haven’t been working out.

  • • Smart Alarm- It is programmed to wake you at the optimal moment of your sleep cycle to enable you to wake up feeling as good as new.

  • • Steps- It’s got a built in pedometer tracking your every move, even that walk from the subway to the office counts!

  • • Calories Burned-  Based on the information you provide, UP measures the calories you’ve burned more accurately.

  • • Friends & Family- UP allows you to connect with your friends and family so you can reach your personal goals together.

  • • LED Indicator- Through the use of simple LED indicators showing your mode status.

  • • Food & Drink Logging- Enables you to track your caloric intake.

  • • Goals- Enables you to set you goals to suit your own needs.

  • • Today I Will- Smart Coach is there to give you that extra push to help you stick to your goals.



Claiming to have a week long battery life, it’s smart, good looking and practical. The whole package in one small wearable device!

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