Jolla: It’s our OS running on Android devices

For those who can recall, Nokia had an Operating System called MeeGo that it later axed in favor of Windows Phone. So, some of those building MeeGo left to form Jolla, a company that went on to develop its own operating system called Sailfish.

According to Jolla CEO Tomi Pienimaki, Jolla, being a smaller company compared to giants like Google, Nokia and Apple, is surviving the cutthroat Smartphone market competition. Thanks to low operating costs and the creation of differentiated operating system strategies that the company has adopted. As a matter of fact, low operating costs ensures the company doesn’t have to sell many phones to survive.

Sailfish OS for Android devices

Sailfish is particularly popular for the fact that it is a gesture-based operating system. For instance, for you to reach the main menu, you have to swipe upwards from the middle of the screen.

You can also swipe it down to access the settings of the app you are currently using whenever you see a soft glow coming from the top of the screen. All active apps (up to 9 of them) can be seen on top of the screen.

Of all the OS developers in the market, Jolla is in a better position to create a lower end operating system that is not only cheap, but compatible with most devices. This is because of its low operating costs.

This means that, as Pienimaki explains, Sailfish can run on existing Android mobile devices. Jolla has also demonstrated that its OS is running on Android based mobile devices from Google, Samsung and Xiaomi. According to Pienimaki, installing Sailfish on a mobile device is a simple process that takes only 24 hours.

Jolla’s success has partly been due to customer feedback that helped in the creation of the first version of the OS. Since it was first launched, Jolla has made four updates to the operating system.

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