Awesome Mobile Game Apps: Kairosoft Ltd!

Top Mobile Trends wanted to share with you one of our FAVORITE mobile game creators and titles, for both iOS and Android! Kairosoft! We have spent HOURS and HOURS just playing each of their individual titles – we cannot recommend checking out these games. Most of the titles have a shorter free trial version too!

They are fun and entertaining for both adults and children alike!


Kairosoft Ltd Mobile Games is one of the leading game developers in the mobile gaming industry. Kairosoft was named after the owner Mr. Cairo. This Japanese simulation game developer is based in Tokyo and has launched a lot of games like Hot Spring Story, Oh Edo Towns, etc. It has created lots of cell phones and PC games for its home market in Japan and has also tasted some success while coming to Apple’s iOS. It is also available on Android platforms.

Pocket Gamer’s 2012 survey named the company among “Best 50 manufacturers” in that year. They also termed their games as “genre in their own right” by clarifying that they are positioned somewhere in the gaming market.


The company was founded in the year 1996 with just nine staff members. The Game Dev Story was a whopping success in iPhone App sales during its first week itself. Kairosoft is an expert in changing operating systems for games. They make their games available on each platform, iOS or Android.

They have launched a variety of games in Japanese as well as adapted them in English.




Some of their games include Beastie Bay, Epic Astro Story, Dungeon Village, Grand Prix Story, Game Dev Story, Kairobotica, Hot Springs Story, Ninja Village, Mega Mall Story, Oh! Edo Towns, The Pyraplex, Pocket Academy, The Sushi Spinnery, World Cruise Story, Venture Towns, etc.

Their most popular games are Game Dev Story and Hot Springs Story.


The games by Kairosoft are of one of their own kind. The company is often criticized by the game experts for lack of communication with their fans and getting hands-on reviews with them.

“Kairosoft needs to improve its customer support, communication and appreciation. The games are fantastic, but their constant lack of frequent updates is overwhelmingly frustrating,” comments user Simon Cossette on the official Facebook page of Kairosoft Games.

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TopMobileTrends has some suggestions for Kairosoft Ltd. Mobile Games. It advises the simulation gaming company to improve its PR team and should communicate with its fans on a frequent basis. Also, it has various types of games, but we need to see some type of zombie stuff like walking dead by community building and defending some sort! We also suggest that The Game Dev Story sequel should be seriously considered by the Kairosoft as many people are looking forward to it.

Have you tried a Kairosoft game? Which one is your favorite?

What would you like to see next?

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