Kickstarter Project: Smart Accessory For Watches

Tick, tock- it’s time to get smart. A Canadian trio launched Glance, a smart accessory for watches, through the fundraising platform Kickstarter. The curved wedge slides under your wristband with a small screen visible above the strap. Using Bluetooth, Glance receives message alerts, provides caller ID, sends custom ‘busy’ text replies, and finds your misplaced phone. With an app to adjust settings, Glance is compatible with Windows, Mac, iOS and Android devices. However, time is ticking. The 30-day Kickstarter project will only be funded if $150,000 CAD is raised by July 3.

Glance Features

A video explains that Glance “allows you to filter out the noise so you can live in the moment.” The video shows a woman checking her Glance during a meeting, exemplifying how checking Glance is more subtle than looking at a phone. The water resistant and motion sensitive accessory also tracks physical activity, which can be further monitored through the Glance app. Additionally, Glance works as an air mouse for smart computers and TVs. Operating 20-30 feet from the users’ smartphone, Glance allows people to distance themselves from their devices while still staying connected to the most important notices.


Glance comes in three sizes in order to sit comfortably against a user’s wrist. To coordinate with a watch or bracelet, the aluminum Glance is offered in gold or silver finish (except for the early bird version). Or, users can wear Glance with the premium leather strap, which is included in the order. Conforming to your style, Glance provides smart features without the controversial appearance of smartwatches. Glance’s Kickstarter website provides videos of demos, street testimonials and prototypes.

If funded, the accessory is expected to be finalized by the end of July. Pledging $70 CAD would provide backers with an early bird version of the accessory in October. For $700 CAD, backers can provide feedback to the Glance team after receiving a development unit in September. After Beta testing in September and October, precision crafted Glances would be delivered to those pledging $80 CAD. For $1,000 CAD, backers can wear a sterling silver version in December.

Inventors Ali Nawab, Olivier Mayrand, John David Chibuk began working together in 2013. The Glance would be the team’s second hardware product, after their motion recognition developer kit called the kiwi move. The team responds to many comments, shares product updates, and builds an interactive experience for backers with opinions polls.

Do you prefer Glance or smartwatches? Will the Glance help or hurt our addiction to checking our iPhones and Androids?

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