LG G3 Specs: Price, Release Date, News and Rumors

The Korean Phone Manufacturer, LG, is set to bring the fight for Global phone market right to the doorsteps of its competitors.

For those who can recall last year’s LG G2, LG brought together innovative features and top flight specs that put LG back up on the mobile industry. Alongside its Nexus 4, Nexus 5 and now LG G3, LG is not about to go slow.

According to the rumors doing the rounds, the new LG G3 is expected to be released during the summer, and the unconfirmed phone looks set to provide a real challenge to the likes of HTC One M8 and Samsung Galaxy S5. It is also being suggested that the new handset will display a 1440 x 2560 QHD screen.

Release Date Rumors

What makes LG G3 different

Launch cycles are often predictable. It is on this ground that claims have emerged that LG G3 might be released around September 2014. However, LG might also choose to stick to its early Q4 launch window, but this might mean it will have to clash with the eagerly awaited launch of iPhone 6 and LG wouldn’t want to take that risk against such a big rival.

According to Tech Rader, there are reports from its native Korea that LG G3 will be launched on 17th May 2014. However, this report is being taken lightly because that date will be on a Saturday, and this is a flagship phone. Just to confuse you more, an “insider source” has claimed that the phone will formally be unveiled around July.

Since there are varying LG G3 release dates, it is hard to even guess when the exact release date will be. Maybe the best you can do is just to wait for the real date to be announced by the Company.

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