LinkedUp! Online Dating App

Scared of online dating because you might end up with someone who turns out is unemployed? That won’t happen with LinkedUp!, a brand new online dating app that uses your LinkedIn profile to find perfect “matches”

Yes, this app is like Tinder and LinkedIn all-in-one! We’re happy that for once it’s not Facebook that’s linked to an online dating app, unlike Tinder or Swoon . Just like Tinder you can adjust the setting and choose whether you’re looking for a female or male partner, age, etc. After that, all relevant LinkedIn profiles pop up and you can anonymously swipe left to right – just like Tinder!

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The benefit of using LinkedIn instead of Facebook, is that you can see immediately see what branch your match works in and see if you share any connections on LinkedIn. Bonus: it’s gives you something to talk about on the first date!

Click here if your want to try out LinkedUp!

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